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Professional Paver Installation

Lara Landscape & Design specializes in concrete paver slabs, natural stone pavers and Porcelain Pavers installation in San Diego.

Benefits Of Pavers

The benefits of having pavers installed in your backyard, driveway, and patio are substantial. There is no wainting time, you can imediatly start enjoying your outdoor space. Pavers are easy to maintain and durable, even through extreme weather conditions.

Personalized Quality

Pavers is the best option to redefine your idea of an outdoor lifetstyle, with endless colors and patters at your disposal to express fully your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Elements

Beautifully designed landscaping


driveway installation san diego



patio paver installation in san diego

Retaining Wall

wall installation san diego

Pool & Deck

BBQ Island

bbq island installation


firepit paver installation san diego

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